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Message from our President
kanzawa At United Books, versatile content producers from Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan work together to develop extraordinary books.  Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan share the common background of Confucianism, but their social and economic situations vary greatly.  Despite these cultural differences, they all enjoy the Beatles, the movies of Hayao Miyazaki, and Hollywood blockbusters like “The Titanic.”

From my long experiences living and working in different countries, I now realize that human beings are the same in an emotional sense.  For example, I published a Japanese bestselling book called Yomawari Sensei (Night Watch Teacher) in Korea, and it became a bestseller in Korea, too.  When the book’s author gave a talk in Korea, many in the Korean audience wept.  It was clear to me then that human beings feel the same emotions no matter what their nationality.

United Books provides new viewpoints for those who seek wisdom and knowledge in this turbulent age.  It also provides a guidepost for those who are drifting in the flood of information.  I am satisfied if United Books helps people in any small way to make a better life.

In our first year, United Books published business and non-fiction books.  We now also publish children’s books.  United Books very first book was, Hanei suru Kigyo no Ru-ru (The Rules of Flourishing Companies), written by Mr. Kazuyoshi Komiya.  We also hope to be a flourishing company.  In fact, one of our mottos states “honesty is the best policy,” because we believe this is surest path to both happiness and success.

Perhaps a hundred years from today someone will exclaim at the foresight of a company like United Books that was able to dream of such a global enterprise in which content advisors from throughout East Asia worked together to bring new viewpoints and knowledge to the entire world.

Takahiro KANZAWA, President, United Books
Mr. Kanzawa graduated from Meiji University and joined Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. At Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd, Mr. Kanzawa worked in the Tokyo Sales Department, Foreign Sales Department. He studied in Korea utilizing the company’s study abroad program. There he researched “the management of overseas affiliated companies in Asia” at Yonsei University and Korea Xerox (currently, Korea Fuji Xerox).

After Mr. Kanzawa returned to Japan, he worked at Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Inc. and was responsible for launching a program for selection and training of management executives and a consulting program for corporate change. He also served as a senior consultant for development and ran a program for the selection and training of management executives for more than ten companies including Panasonic, Honda, Secom, Asahi Kasei, Jusco, (currently Aeon) and Samsung Japan.

Mr. Kanzawa left Fuji Xerox in 2001, and worked as a Tokyo correspondent for CBS Broadcasting Inc. Later, he was CEO of Eiji21 Inc., and became a Director and General Manager of Foreign Operations at BOOK21 Publishing Group and developed their publication business in Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. In 2009, he became The President of United Books.

Other Activities:
  • esearch Fellow at Japan Studies of Asia Pacific Research Institute in Kyung Hee University.
  • Advisory Committee Member of the Seoul City’s Center for Strengthening Urban Competitiveness.
  • Editorial Board of Soul Japan Club newspaper.
  • Vice President of the Council of Small-Medium Sized Companies From Japan.

Books (Co-author) For Teenagers Dreaming CEO, 2002, BOOK21
Columns “Cultural Comparison Between Japan and Korea, 2003-2004,” Metro Press
Broadcasting World Business Satellite, 2003, TV TOKYO
News Radar, Global Village, 2001-2003, CBS Broadcasting.
New Year Special: Differences in Management between Japan and Korea, 2003, CBS Broadcasting
A Japanese who Started Publishing Businesses in Korea, 2004, KBS Broadcasting
A Japanese who Produced a Bestseller in Korea, 2005, KBS Broadcasting
A Japanese who Loves Korean Ceramic Wares, 2008, Arirang Broadcasting
And others
Lectures “Direction for Corporate Change and Human Resource Development,” 2001. Held by Expert Consulting
“Unequal Society in Japan,” 2007. Held by Gyeongsangnam-do University in Korea and Tsinghua University in China
“Administration Reform in Japan,” 2007. Held by Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
And others
Newspapers and Magazines The Asahi Newspaper, AERA、The Nikkei Industry Newspaper、The Chosun Ilbo, The JoongAng Ilbo, The Donga Ilbo, The Nikkei Newspaper, The Sankei Newspaper, Sunday Mainichi, and others.

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Message from our President